Customer Experience for us is a mixture of ‘art’ and ‘science’: we believe that outstanding CX comes from a real and deep interests for the ‘other’, for what is ‘outside’ yourself who in the business context is the actual customer. This is an attitude and to some extent a way to see the reality around you. But in the modern competitive world this attitude should be supported by a thorough understanding of the customer which comes from modern data collection methodologies, modern technologies and so on.
But again: it is not about ‘automatic’ procedures informed by statistically analyzed data: it is rather an orientation of the whole business towards taking real care about the customer that ultimately is a person, a human being with feelings, emotions and deep - often unspoken - questions.
This is the landscape in which the ICEM is operating: a landscape where the hospitality driven attention for the details in every touch point between customers and business is crucial and essential. A landscape where what matters is the deep, meaningful and transformational relationship with each and every customer to strengthen a bond that will generate mutual value.
Starting form this, we decided to ask few of our friends, colleagues and business partners to shed lights for on the concept of customer experience. We did this by engaging in a ‘semi structure almost academic’ way with though leaders from the academic and business world.

We wanted to keep it simple: few edits, few effects: just our passion – and the one of our interviewees - for this fascinating subject. We hope to bring some interesting food for thought on the table and to open up the discussion about the art and science of customer experience, experience design and experience centric organizations. Every Thursday from May till end of July, we will be sharing new episode of our first season’s podcast Interviews.

Please do engage with us by putting yourself forward for the next Season of CX Podcast series by writing to us.

ICEM Podcast series

Dr Alessandro Inversini presents

Podcast - Season 1

  • 06 May 2021
    Prof. Barbara Neuhofer - LinkedIn

  • 20 May 2021
    Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis - LinkedIn
  • 27 May 2021
    Kathy van de Laar - LinkedIn

May 2021

  • 10 June 2021
    Prof. Felicitas Morhart - LinkedIn

June 2021

  • 08 July 2021
    Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska - LinkedIn

July 2021

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