ICEM works at the intersection of customer experience management and digital media within the extended hospitality and service industries. Thanks to the expertise of EHL faculty and industry leaders the institute is able to provide cutting edge research to inform both theory and business practices contributing in building a real competitive advantage for partners.

The Institute of Customer Experience Management (ICEM) has been launched at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in September 2020 with the vision of becoming the leading customer experience research institute in the field of hospitality and service.

The ICEM Team

ICEM team aims at working with best academics, practitioners and industry leaders nationally and internationally to develop tailor made and transformative applied research.

Dr Alessandro Inversini


Mr William Alexander François


Dr. Andreea Antonescu

Research Associate
PhD in Tourism Studies, University of Lausanne
Dr. Antonescu is Research Associate at the Institute of Customer Experience Management within EHL Group and in charge of research activities for the Lab X3. As a lifelong migrant for education with 15 years of academic experience across 4 countries (RO, FR, CH, CN), she gained expertise in tourism studies and research methodology. Before joining EHL, Dr. Antonescu worked as a postdoc researcher at Ningbo University (China) and as research fellow and PhD student at University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Besides academia, she also worked in international settings such as the International Labour Office (UN, Geneva) and in consulting as research analyst specialized in designing tourism activities in mountain resorts (Grenoble, France). Her research interests shifted a few times during her career – from human geography, public services and globalisation of tourism to customer experience. Initially trained as a geographer, Andreea has developed the ability to transfer knowledge from other social sciences (history, sociology and psychology) and has applied this interdisciplinary approach to her research. Her studies and research had been supported by public institutions in Switzerland, China, France and Romania and her work has been published in French and English in prestigious international journals. In her free time, she enjoys travelling all over the world, connecting with friends, immersing in other cultures and languages, and reading psychology, nutrition, and personal transformation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer experience: research assessment model design, company culture, service experience, in situ observation and analysis, experience design and scenario
  • Tourism Studies: tourism history, globalisation of tourism, tourist destinations, mapping, spatial and temporal dimensions
  • Research design and methodology: quantitative (global database) and qualitative methods

Katarzyna Wrzesinska

Project Coordinator at EHL
Katarzyna Wrzesinska is a Project Coordinator at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. She is experienced in online marketing – she worked for an interactive agency in Poland before joining EHL. Katarzyna is a successful project manager with experience in several project areas including start-up management. Uniquely, she spent several years working for a major detective agency where she moved from operations to a senior Board of Directors position.

Katarzyna is a graduate of an MBA programme in Madrid and Warsaw and completed a post-graduate programme in IT project management. She is a passionate athlete with a life-long amateur and profesional career in handball and beach handball. She has recently started an amateur beach handball club in Lausanne. She speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Polish.

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management

Audemars Piguet X3 Lab

The first lab within the Institute of Customer Experience Management was designed around the partnership with the prestigious Swiss Luxury Watch brand Audemars Piguet.

The Audemars Piguet X3 Lab (Exploring Extraordinary Experiences) is designed around the needs for exclusive and extraordinary experiences of our partner.

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